The size describes the sieved state of the stone as it comes out of the quarry crushers.

4mm – 10mm

Mainly used as a finishing product for driveways and paths.


Garden paths, driveways, fence posts, bedding for pipes and armoured cable.
Mixed with sharp sand for a 10mm Ballast.
Can be used as a mulch to retain moisture on borders and Rockeries.
For use in low maintenance gardens over a weed suppressant or garden membrane.


Driveways and paths. Can be mixed with sharp sand to form ballast for concreting foundations and footings.
Forming a concrete slab for a conservatory / shed / garage or extension

40mm – 75mm and Rejects

Land Drains – French Drains – Cesspits – Cesspools and Soakaways.
Decorative purposes under trees and on borders.
Rejects are also used to replace flints and stones in old walls